Friday, February 22, 2013

Anywayup 360° Junior Review #anywayupcup

Anywayup brand cups are the brain child of British inventor, Mandy Haberman. She invented the non spill cup. This cup eliminates spillage  and protects  teeth by only allowing a flow of juice only when the child sucks and swallows. They now have classic cups, classic beakers, cow cups, 360 toddler, and 360 junior.

 innovative circular valve
My granddaughter is two and a half and uses a sippy cup. I thought it was time to start teaching her how to use a regular cup. The 360° Junior is perfect for this since it has an ingenious valve system. This valve system allows her to be able to drink from all around the rim and not leak. Since there is no spout, the child gently sips to get the fluid out. This great training cup is BPA free, dishwasher & microwave safe. They can hold up to 250 ml of liquid and are available in red  (shown), blue, and green. These cups are not recommended for use with hot or fizzy drinks. 360° Junior is leak proof and recommended for children ages 24 months and up.  
I filled the cup and held it upside down and not a drop came out, I even sipped out of it to test it. All it takes is a little sip and you get liquid. My granddaughter has been using this sipper for a while now and we still haven't had any leaks. To clean: take the cap and lid off the beaker (cup), remove the valve by pushing out the valve center. 

The 360 Junior has a cap to help
 keep the rim clean for traveling.
Here is my granddaughter using
 her new Anywayup cup.

If you are looking for a cup that doesn't leak, give Anywayup cups a try. I wish I would have had these when my older boys were younger because I would have had a lot less stains on my furniture caused by leaking sippy cups.

If you would like to purchase one of these or any other of their great products, visit AnywayupFollow Anywayup on Facebook and Twitter to hear about promotions, product information, and feeding tips.

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