Sunday, July 21, 2013

Litter One Review

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Litter One is a 100% biodegradable, totally disposable and completely self-contained litter box. It comes with all Natural Pine Pellet Litter that is environmentally friendly, chemical free and three times more absorbent & fresher smelling than clay litter. 30 biodegradable bags and scoop are also included in the kit. The unit is SFI and FSC Certified.

To Use: follow the instuctions included on the box to set up Litter One. The box assembles into a self contained litter box with a patented floor system that separates the pellets that have been soiled with urine. This is how it works:the pellets that are urinated on, turn into sawdust that fall throught the patented false bottom perforated floor.Just shake the box or use the scoop to gently move the pine pellets allowing the soiled litter to fall through. This is meant to keep your cat from stepping on soiled litter allowing a cleaner, happier environment for both you and your cat. Pine litter is a green alternative to traditional clay litter that is both safe and chemical free.

A few weeks ago I received a Litter One Kit. For two weeks my cat had been very hesitant to use this Eco friendly litter box. When I assembled the little box, I had some trouble looking at the directions that are printed on the box that I was having to fold and assemble. So I think it took me longer than normal to get it ready for use. During the set up process my cat was curious and could obviously smell the pellets. I had actually purchased these type of recyclable pellets before for my cats plastic litter box, but he did not like them and I didn't purchase them again. So seeing these pellets he was curious, but not excited. 

During the next few days he rubbed and put his scent all over the box. He even stepped into it, but did not use it as a litter box. I followed the suggestion of sprinkling some of the current litter I use in the Litter One, so that my cat would understand its a new "toilet", but he still refused to use it. Finally, I took away his regular litter box to see if he would use it if he had no other choice. Sure enough he finally realized that this was his new potty place and decided to give it a try. 

Since I am big on recycling, I do find the Litter One to be a great alternative to the plastic standard litter box. The smell is like a forest and is much more pleasant then the standard litter. 
The Litter One Litter System  is an  odorless, dependable and convenient new litter box to have and I would definitely recommend this product for its bio degradable features and fresh scent.

Visit Litter One to learn more it or to purchase and get a 20% discount when you use code: MM12541You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to find out about specials and promotions.

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