Couponing 101

Are you a beginner?

  • Deals seem to cycle every 2-3 months so just buy enough to last till the next cycle
  • Just because you have a coupon for an item,  does not mean you need to buy it.
  • Don't stress if you feel you missed a deal because there is always another awesome deal around the corner!
  • Only stockpile items that are free or close to free when you first start out till you learn what is really a great deal. If you stockpile, keep in mind that perishables have expiration dates.
  • Never pay full price for items without looking for coupons first. 

How to find coupons


In your Sunday paper.

Printable Coupon Websites-
There is usually a print limit of two coupons per computer. Check at the beginning of month before the print limit has been reached.

Store Website Printable Coupons -
You may be able to stack with a manufacture coupon. Stacking is using a store coupon and a manufacture coupon together. 

Mobile Coupons -
Give the store/websites your cell number so they can send you coupons/codes to your phone
Text a code to the store and they will Send coupons to your phone.

Phone Apps-
You can search for coupons or rebates then decide where to go, find information about an item at the store , or use your stored store reward card.

Manufacture Websites-
Check websites for your favorite product as they might have coupon offers, you might have to sign up for a newsletter but you can always cancel after.

In stores-
  • You can find  coupons that you peel off on the items 
  • Use your card to check CVS's coupon machine.
  • In the little coupon machines in front of the items. 
  • In boxes in front of the store
On the back of  Store receipt-
Check all that stuff that prints out with your receipt and check the back of your receipt. Lots of good coupons come with that because lots of times it’s based on what you have bought and many times they are instore coupons so they are stackable! (Use them with a manufacture coupon)


Become a fan (or “like”) your favorite brands. 

Magazines -

Most of the free sample offers that you sign up for will come with a coupon for the product, especially those from name brands.
  • Send the company a comment and they will normally send you a coupon.
Savings Cards -
Use digital save-to-loyalty card coupons and digital promotions which saves you money by not having to print them at home. Go to your stores website to see if they have such a program.

How to Organize your Coupons
There are many methods of organizing, you need to find a system that works for you.

  • Store bought accordion style coupon holders
  • Binder with Sleeves

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