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My name is Margaret McLaughlin. I have been married for twenty+ years and am a mother of four, and have two dogs. I blog about living a frugal lifestyle, good deals, reviews and Giveaways. I write about all types of products and for all age groups. I try to research the products and the company as much as possible.

  • I do product reviews for FREE as long as I receive a full size, non-returnable item for review. I cannot give a decent review using a small sample of a product unless there is a significant amount of the sample. 
  • Please allow 2- 8 weeks for a review to be completed. I want to write a great review and I can only do that if I have time to become familiar with the item. A review could be done on an agreed upon date, after discussion.
  • If I am unhappy for some reason or the product comes in damaged to the point I cannot do a review, I will contact you before I do the review. 
  • If you chose to do a giveaway with the review, I normally like to do them at together on the same post. I require readers to visit your website, “Like” you on Facebook, and “Follow” you on Twitter as entries into the giveaway. I can include Pinterest and ReclipIt at your request.
  • The review and/or giveaway will include product photos and photos of me and my family using the product. Occasionally I will use video.  I can also include photos or video that you provide.
  • When the review goes live, I post it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ (Occasionally I will post video to YouTube and post pictures on Instagram), and I will send you a link to the review for you to post on your website or Facebook page.
  • If you just want a sponsored post, there will be a nominal fee. Please feel free to contact me for discussion.

  • I use Rafflecopter for giveaways. I post the giveaway under the giveaway tab at the top of my blog.
  • I will post the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, ReClipIt, and Pinterest.
  • I run the giveaway from seven to fourteen days. I give the winner forty eight hours to respond then I pick a new winner.
  • I will send your company the winner’s information so you can ship the winner their prize. You must specify prior to the giveaway is published if you will ship outside of the U.S.
  • If only a Giveaway is wanted without a review, there will be a nominal fee. Please feel free to contact me for discussion.


  1. Hi! Just wanted to know if a winner for the Click giveaway was ever chosen. I check back to the review page every so often, but it doesn't say anything about it. Sorry for the bother! -Mary

  2. Hi Margaret,

    I just typed a comment here but couldn't tell if it went through or not. Just wanted to say thank you for doing a review and giveaway of my book!

    What a blessing to me. Prayed for your family today. May the Lord bless you and keep you, cause His face to shine on you and give you lots and lots of peace.

    Maggie Paulus


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